Where Tea and Health come together to create a life worth celebrating. We call it a parTEA!

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Orange Immune Booster Smoothie

This immune boosting smoothie is packed full of antivirals, vitamin C and powerful antioxidants, all of which strengthen the body’s natural defences and are vital in immunity. Vitamin C has been shown to shorten wound healing and also recovery time of the common cold and pneumonia. Whole food | Gluten free | Dairy free |… Continue Reading

Mint Choc Chip Smoothie

Smoothies that taste like ice-cream are always a winner in my books, and this Mint Choc Chip Smoothie is sure to be enjoyed. Underneath the true classic flavour of choc mint ice-cream, a wealth of beneficial spinach awaits. Lending it’s nutrient profile to keep this smoothie perfectly balanced and brilliantly green. A crunch from the… Continue Reading

Ruby Red Smoothie

I love swapping a traditional green smoothie for my Ruby Red Smoothie when I feel like I need grounding between seasons and when the weather turns a little cooler. The addition of beetroot and carrot add vibrant colour, fresh flavour and a great hit of nutrition to you diet. Beetroot is naturally high in Vitamin… Continue Reading

Anti-inflammatory Power Tonic

Turmeric is the king of an anti-inflammatory action in the body. Used traditionally to reduce pain, repair the gut and support our immune function a daily ‘Anti Inflammatory Power Tonic’ could be just what the naturopath orders to prevent ill health and disease. FOOD AS MEDICINE | WHOLEFOOD | PALEO | RAW | DAIRY FREE… Continue Reading

Mango & Lime Green Smoothie

This Mango Lime Green Smoothie is the perfect blend of tropicana flavours with all the healthy benefits of leafy greens and fresh herbs. Perfectly balanced in carbohydrates (from veg & fruit), protein (from nuts or powder) and healthy fats (from coconut milk) it makes for a delicious quick and easy breakfast. Gluten Free | Dairy… Continue Reading

Green Smoothie Bowl

A thick creamy Green Smoothie Bowl that even the kids will enjoy. Sweetened with fruits of the tropics, it’s toppings provide you a balanced meal or snack on hot summer days. This recipe also makes the best popsicles or after dinner ‘nice’ cream. GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL Ingredients: Smoothie Bowl: 1 cup spinach 1/2 ripe banana… Continue Reading

Ultimate Green Smoothie

This is the Ultimate Green Smoothie that naturopaths and nutritionists enjoy for breakfast. Primarily full of alkaline vegetables, this ultimate green smoothie is perfectly balanced with a little sweetness from fruit, antioxidants from fresh herbs, digestive support from iced herbal tea all while keeping you satiated with good levels of healthy fats and protein. Alkaline… Continue Reading

Where Tea and Health come together to create a life worth celebrating. We call it a parTEA!

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