Where Tea and Health come together to create a life worth celebrating. We call it a parTEA!

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Have you been following the latest health trends, looking for that elusive diet, supplement or exercise program that was going to be just perfect for you?

You know the one…

The one that your best mate told you about, the one that worked for your sister’s friend or the latest one that ‘everyone’ was following. You’ve followed it to a tea (pun intended!) but are still feeling the same way you felt when you started.

If you know this story all too well, then I am your girl!

As a Naturopath and nutritionist, I am continually blown away by how different we all are when it comes to our health needs. Balance in health is not the same for everyone. You know your body better than anyone, but are you listening to the messages it is sending you? I’m here to help you not only hear those messages but also understand what they are trying to tell you. Lets find out what balance in health means for YOU!

Hi! I’m Jade Anstey, tea drinking, bliss ball eating, healthy living advocate who is on a mission to educate and empower you to create balance in your own personal health.

Because you know what? Following the crowd isn’t doing anyone any good (least of all you!)

The truth is, it’s time to move away from the one-size-fits-all-approach for good. To create balance within your body, you have to do what is right for you and you only!

So what is right for you?

Should you just keep trying each and every way of eating out there until you stumble upon what works, or is there a better way?

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way! Imagine if you could understand your body and it’s specific symptoms and messages. Imagine if you could have better energy, more restful sleep, a happy gut… what else would you like?!

Your body contains all the information that you need to not only support its everyday function, but to also heal and ultimately thrive in health.

It is our dream that everyone finds balance in their health.

Whether it’s starting at the most basic level and improving the fundamentals of your health, or diving deeper to unlock the secrets of your DNA (you body’s own instruction manual), I can help!

Together we can work out the formula for your health and wellbeing.

I understand how important it is to be heard, for your individual story to be listened to, and why decisions need to be made based entirely on you! I want to help you discover all of your body’s secrets, and together make the right decisions for YOU and your health!

Professional Bio

Jade Anstey is a naturopath, nutritionist, genomic wellness practitioner & herbal tea master with a kick-ass ability to change lives. Known as the “naturopath you have to see”, her message – that health is individual, that no approach is the same and that balance isn’t a dirty word – she inspires people across the globe to understand & take control of their own health.

Jade &/or Balanced by Nature has been featured in:


“I love working with Jade to achieve my health goals. Her knowledge base is exceptional and I continue to learn so much from her. She gently nudges me in the right direction whilst also being my biggest cheerleader… I am less anxious, more confident and can now fall asleep when my head hits the pillow. Jade your ongoing care, support and skills are really appreciated. I couldn’t recommend you enough.”


“When I first saw Jade I was so unwell. I had done so many tests and seen so many different practitioners with no conclusive answers to what was going on. Jade got to the bottom of my digestive issues straight away and helped work out the best diet for me… She continues to work in conjunction with my GP and specialist, which gives me confidence in my overall healthcare. Jade you are a pleasure. I have my life back. Thank you.”


“Jade has given my daughter the gift of confidence and self love. By educating her on what the best food choices are for her and taking the time to work through her thoughts, cares and concerns, Jade has truly been the inspiration behind positive change. I have confidence in my daughter that she can achieve her health and fitness goals with Jade being in her back corner. Thank you Jade, both Hannah and I have learnt so much and really enjoy seeing your smiling face.”


“If I described how I ate before I saw Jade I would be totally embarrassed. I never gave any thought to what I put in my mouth or how that was ultimately making me feel. I was tired all the time, overweight and a ‘hormonal’ mess. By working with jade, I am much better at making the connection to what I eat, I have lost a considerable amount of weight, feel amazing and have so much more control over my future health. I can’t imagine what my health would be like if I hadn’t started seeing Jade. I highly recommend Jade if you are ready to make change, she is amazing.”


“Anything is possible with sunshine & a little tea”

At Balance by Nature we mindfully combined our love & knowledge of naturopathy and nutrition with the power of plants to bring you a boutique range of Organic Herbal Tea, designed with your health in mind.

We want you to nourish your body, drink tea with purpose and find your inner balance in every cup.

Our Organic Herbal Tea range is made in Melbourne and loving hand blended by our Naturopath Jade Anstey.


Our Wellness range contains 9 loose-leaf Organic Herbal Tea Australia blends & 1 pre-bottled Herbal iced Tea. Each blend is specifically chosen to effectively balance, heal and nourish your body with the best of nature’s nutrients and herbal constituents.

You can choose from:





All of Balance By Nature our best organic herbal tea brand contain 100% organic certified ingredients, free from artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners and created to achieve  balance with your body and the environment.


Using the naturopathic philosophy of the healing power of nature, each herb is chosen for its taste, as well as its specific therapeutic properties to bring balance to your body.

Now you’ve heard from us, it’s tea time!

While the kettle boils, sit back for 5 minutes of mindful breathing on us!

Where Tea and Health come together to create a life worth celebrating. We call it a parTEA!

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