• iced tea

Take a breath feel calm. Take a breath feel focused. Take a breath smile!

Breathe Herbal  Iced Tea 12 pack


+ Mindfully developed by naturopaths to allow a sense of calm and mental clarity

+No sugar or sweeteners

+ No caffeine. No calories. Nothing artificial.

+ Made from highest grade therapeutic herbal tea leaves, no concentrates.

+ NASSA Certified Organic

Your daily chance to mindfully breathe…

+ Gingko biloba

“give me brain power and focus”

+ Lemon verbena

“give me a sense of calm and peace”

+ Hibiscus

“give me sweetness with a touch of nourishment”

+ Linden

“give me a chance to breathe and smile”

+ Filtered Water

“give me hydration and clarity”

Sugar + Calorie FREE

We love the sweet side of life, but not the artificial … so you won’t find any sugar or hidden sweeteners here. Zero, zilch, nada… That’s the way we like it!

How we Brew

Brewed as Nature Intended

It’s simple; it’s just real tea! No concentrates and no additives, just 100% loose-leaf tea brewed traditionally in perfect balance.

Tea tales:

“… breathe has replaced my daily coffee”

Holly B

“ sweet and fresh… I like it”

Jo S

“I could drink this all day”

Alisha G

Breathe community: Show us how you breathe…


Where Tea and Health come together to create a life worth celebrating. We call it a parTEA!

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